Every life is a miracle.

Every love is a miracle.

We are born in love, but then experience loss which causes us pain, pain we can't handle all at once, so we start to numb ourselves.  We take the things that were supposed to make our lives better and turn them into addictions, drugs that help us lose ourselves.

We can turn anything into heroin.

We're built to slowly deal with the pain and get over it, come back to our true selves, and we're doing our best but we need help, and too often when we ask for help we ask the wrong people or at the wrong time.  And we surround ourselves with people who think they need us to keep acting the same way, like walls we build to lock our fake selves in and keep out the freedom that comes when we recognize our true selves, that we are animals, that we are human, that we are love itself.

All we need to heal is to feel alive, to remember that our life is a miracle.

All we need to feel alive is to follow our heart.

The universe will do the rest.