Daylight Bulb

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The year before I bought this I was so fed up at the end of winter (despite spending 10 days in Morocco) that I was all set to leave the country!

So last winter I invested in one of these (at only £10 it was more the challenge of checking whether I needed a bayonet or screw-in bulb than the money) and it made a huge difference - and I didn’t even make it to Morocco.

It’s just as well - as of course my “sunny” break last March was snowy Barcelona!  But I didn’t mind because I wasn’t so starved of sunlight.

If you feel at all glum contemplating the longer nights, get outside whenever the sun shows its face and get one of these.

(They also do daylight tubes so you could brighten up your office too!)
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Click here to visit lightbulbs - great bulbs and great customer service

My daylight bulb in the lampshade  I use to pretend I’m still in Morocco

£10 plus P&P for up to 9 bulbs, with a slight discount for bulk orders for 10 bulbs or more as at November 2010