Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Looking at spas in Italy they all seem to use olive oil for massages.  So... I wondered what it would be like to use the very best olive oil I could find... on my skin.

It’s fabulous.  A gentle face massage before I go to bed does wonders for lines and any dry patches I might be having. 

When I have the time and can be bothered I use it all over - it’s great for cellulite too.  Whether it’s the oil or the massage I saw an improvement in just a couple of days.  I also found that the gentle massage made me sleep like a baby.

The only downside is that I do smell a bit like a salad.  If this bothers you you could add another perfume to your oil, (or some oregano and you’d smell like a pizza!)

Best of all you can pick up a massive bottle for a few pounds, so much cheaper than many other massage oils!

It has a really powerful effect on my skin but is so pure it doesn’t irritate it - and if you don’t like using it on your skin you can always use it on a salad!

Extra virgin olive oil - in a handy spray bottle

£1.19 for 250ml Tesco extra virgin olive oil as at November 2010

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