Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver

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This is, incredibly, a product that was better originally.  It used to be part of the women’s range at Molton Brown, and also included a sunscreen - then they decided to take out the sunscreen and move it to the men’s range - but it’s still the best lip product I’ve every tried. 

As someone with big lips I do find that I suffer badly from dry, cracked lips, particularly in the summer and winter if I don’t use a good lip moisturiser.  Friends and even boyfriends have laughed at me for always having this to hand - before asking if they can please have some!  I even had one old colleague who used to pop by my desk to get a little dab (you squeeze it on to your finger and apply.)

You can use it on the driest, cracked lips and it will instantly soften them up, and make them all luscious again.  It soaks up quickly and I often put on quite a thick layer and use it like a masque.

It’s clear and fairly scentless, I put it on about 5-10 minutes before applying lipstick so that you get really nice plump lips.  I use Molton Brown vitamin lipsheer over the top, to get really glossy, plum lips (even if I do say so myself!)

It is a little bit pricey (£10 for a small 15 ml tube) but it does last for months.  I tried to replace this with a couple of cheaper products from Boots, and not only did they not really do the job, they also ran out very quickly - so I went back to the Lipsaver.

Molton Brown Vitamin Lipsaver

£10 for a 15ml tube as at November 2010

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