Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask

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This is a lovely one - it’s the only face mask I can actually use, and it really does improve your skin.

Although it says it is for greasy skin, I have very dry skin and it doesn’t dry it out at all!

You slap it on and then it starts warming up on your face.  I also picked up their brand new body mask and tried it out after I’d been to Spa London.  And it was lovely - actually a lot better than the very expensive rhassoul mud I bought in Barcelona.  Having said that you do get through a lot of it.  The face mask tube is around £8 and will last for months if you use it as described - twice a week - whereas I think you’d only get 2 or 3 treatments out of this one, just under £8.

Anyway so I got together with a group of friends this weekend to have some pamper time - and this is what they thought of it:

“I love these charcoal heat explosive thingys.”

“My face felt smoother afterwards.”

“Mine’s tingling a bit.”

“Before: The initial heat element feels very soothing but I’ve had it on for over 12 minutes now and I’ve forgotten it’s on there.  I could quite easily go shopping like this.  It doesn’t pull your face like most other face packs which I hate, yes I like.

After: My skin feels so moist and supple.”

“I’m a bit nervous about things that are hot but that was okay for me.  And my skin is really smooth.”

All the products are available at Boots.

Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask and Sanctuary Warming Detox Body Mask

Beautiful lady wearing face mask

Beautiful lady wearing face mask

Professional pedicure service - 5 year old Toby painting blue toe nails  

From £6.99 at or in Boots stores (currently only the body mask is available on as at November 2010