The Perfect White Dressing Gown

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The soft white robe lovingly enfolds you.

The gentle touch melts away the tensions of the day.

You’re already in a spa, and your cares lip away as your eyelids droop and you melt into a blissful slumber.

It’s light, yet so large it makes me feel all snuggly, and it’s so soft, the best dressing gown I’ve ever put on.

It’s pure cotton, pure white and pure luxury (and yes I am still changing into my old one when I make breakfast in case of spills!)

I bought a Large size (full length) and did think it was a little too big at first, but it is just perfect for me.

I’ve had it less than a week and I’ve already fallen asleep in it three times.

And perhaps unsurprisingly it’s from The White Company.  To be honest I didn’t look here first because I thought they would be quite expensive.  The dressing gown (without any discount) was £38 plus £4.95 p&p, but... I will be sending out a special offer code shortly in my newsletter which entitles you to 15% off your first order. (Click here to subscribe.)

They also have a shorter length for £32, waffle for £38 and a hooded robe for £48 if you like the extra luxury (or like to pretend you’re a boxer!)

UPDATE (JULY 2010) the cappuccino colour robe is now £19, and the white is £32.30 (before the special offer code!)