What To Wear - Sports Bras

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The most common move for new members of my Zumba ® Fitness class (or rather new female members of my class) is the “boob grab” - this is when we jump up and down and they suddenly realise that their bra is not doing its job.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Usually what follows is then a hunt for a decent sports bra that doesn’t look awful under the top you choose... when I first started Zumba ® Fitness I bought tons, but luckily I’ve found the answer!

Shock Absorber bras have not surprisingly been voted best bra by many different organisations (including me - although I’m not really an organisation).  What I love about them is they also come in a range of sizes and hot colours so that you don’t have to worry about them peeking out from your top.

I wear the purple/blue and green/yellow B4490 MAX Sports Bra Tops under my Zumba ® vest tops which match really well (and you can even take your shirt off if it’s really too hot), and the black RUN Sports Bra under my black Zumba ® vest tops because they are both lower cut for some reason?!  (UPDATE: I don’t recommend this bra any more as it collapsed on me during a class - and I still have the boob injury to show for it!)

You can find this range (if you are one of my local readers) in Elys and Debenhams, Wimbledon (I find Elys much more helpful in terms of helping you find the right size, but sometimes Debenhams have a better stock).  I’ve never found much difference in price between the two!

Or check other stockists http://www.shockabsorber.co.uk/home/wheretobuy/index.htm to make sure you are getting the best deal.  (Debenhams are usually cheaper but seem to be completely out of stock!)

Sale price around £21 from Debenhams and Elys, Wimbledon when in stock.

If you are based in Portsmouth check out the Wonderbra shop in Gunwharf.

...and they wash and last awfully well!

Less Bounce have £5 all Shock Absorber bras (February 2012)

Shock Absorber MAX Sports Bra Top