Jelly Belly Sports Beans

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Discovering these little beans has changed my Zumba life!  Teaching a class takes a lot of energy and sweat (!) and it’s not convenient for me to carry around bottles of sports drinks, but I can carry a stash of these little beans with me everywhere for whenever I feel the need for a little extra energy, or to replace all the salts I’ve lost by sweating.

Used by marathon runners and also ladies in labour(!) what I love about these is that I can even eat them right before or during a class to keep me going.

I’ve found a great online supplier as they’re hard to find even in sports shops, and now sell them at my classes (£2 for 1 pack, £3 for 2 packs). 

They should always be taken with lots of water, and may not be suitable for children or people with kidney problems because of the salt content (check with your doctor to be sure).

I get mine from Candy Hero - not always the fastest delivery in the West but they often throw in some experimental sweets for you to try (am too scared to try mine!) or you can buy from Candy Hero via Amazon - see link.

Also - if you subscribe to my newsletter you will get any promotional discount codes sent to you - I currently have a 5% discount code for Candy Hero when you order direct!

I’m only selling the Assorted pack at the moment - it’s a good way to try out the flavours as everyone has different favourites.  My favourites are raspberry, extreme caffeine cherry and orange (but am not keen on the lemon and lime!)

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Jelly Belly Sports Beans