The Flight - easyjet - London to Marrakech

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I have now flown into and out of Morocco on three different airlines; easyjet, Ryanair and Royal Air Maroc.  Easyjet wins of the three because the nightmare I had when I flew into Marrakech with them was at customs, so I have no idea if it has anything to do with the airline or not.

I chose not to fly with them on this trip because I wondered if the incredible crush and delay at customs the last time had anything to do with internal politics, as I really couldn’t see any other reason for it.  Basically we were all squashed together with one person being allowed through at a time, very, very slowly.  I took my usual approach and sat down to wait for it to clear... until I saw another planeload of passengers approaching and dived in too.

Anyway, flying in with Royal Air Maroc there were no delays, the food was good and service was fine.  It was on the return journey that the trouble started - our flight was cancelled and we had to run through the airport to catch an earlier flight to Casablanca Airport, where we waiting for the rest of the day until we boarded a late flight back to London Heathrow (we were supposed to fly into Gatwick).  So that’s why I wouldn’t fly Royal Air Maroc by choice again.

And Ryanair forgot to pack any food or drink when I flew with them back from Agadir.  So, they certainly wouldn’t be my first choice.

Whichever airline you fly with, try to leave as much time as you can in case of delays, check in early in case you get diverted, and always pack some energy bars.

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for my flight from London to Marrakech with Royal Air Maroc

Information as at March 2011

Flights to Marrakech can be found from around £173 with easyjet for April 2012, but make sure you add on enough luggage to get all your shopping home

Menara Airport, Marrakech, Morocco