The Sight - Jemaa el Fnaa (The Night Market) and the Medina

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The absolute must do in Marrakech is to visit the Night Market (Jemaa el Fnaa) - I recommend getting there while it’s still daylight, finding yourself a ringside seat on the roof of one of the surrounding restaurants, leisurely order your dinner (recommend pears with lamb - phenomenal) and watch the market as the sun goes down, the mosque does the call to prayer, belly dancers and snake charmers do their thing, and then go to investigate.  Unfortunately the wares are pretty samey, but it’s still fun.  My friends did have a bit of an altercation with the henna ladies, so be careful of them; don’t let anyone paint anything on you as they will ask you to pay a hefty amount for their “artwork”.

Early in the morning I prefer a wander through the tiny winding streets of the North Medina.  Most people up and about at this time of day are going about their own business, so at most I get half-hearted salesmanship, but if you’re lucky enough you’ll catch glimpses of the real people of Marrakech going about their business, getting to work on the back of an old motorbike, haggling for fish at a market stall which is basically somebody’s window.  You’ll also find the occasional modern cafe hidden away, where you can stop for a coffee and a pastry before finding your way back.


North Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

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Information as at March 2011