Reviews of “The Wee, The Wound And The Worries: My Experience Of Being A Kidney Donor”

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About ten years ago I became a live kidney donor - when I donated my right kidney to my younger brother.  After the transplant I wrote in with a factual correction to a national newspaper when they mistakenly wrote that women cannot have children after donating.  I was inundated with requests for advice - so I put together all of my experience in this short and frank book for anyone who wants to know more about kidney donation.

The book guides readers through the decision to be tested as a donor, the pre-surgery tests, (such as the angiogram), the surgery itself, different pain management techniques, the common maladies I suffered afterwards, the emotional impact of the donation and my long term fitness.  It even explains what happened when sadly the kidney stopped functioning and my brother had to start having dialysis.

Since then it’s been featured on the Royal College of Nursing website, and here are just a few of the reviews from readers:

These are just a few of the reviews from readers:

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou. I have just read your book on being a kidney donor to your brother- found it very informative (they don't tell you all that in the hospital!) and funny too- couldn’t help sniggering at some bits!” - P

“Thank you so so much for your kind words and advice, it has really given me so much to think about and to be grateful for.

Thank you once again for taking the time to respond to my email, even though I don't know you, you have given more invaluable advice than anyone I know :-)”  Kerri

“I just wanted to Thank you for your article! I will be donating my kidney to my brother and I really appreciated the info and humor of your article! It made me laugh!”  Sarah

“Having read your book this morning on-line, you have given me so much hope and the reason to keep going now.

I cried loads reading your book and then I laughed out loud at some of the expressions you used.  You are an inspiration to me already.”

“A fantastic insight into a person’s most intimate moments and experiences of being a kidney donor. I knew nothing about this process until I read this unique book. The author gives a true and honest account of all the emotions they went through -- a definite must read to anyone who has an interest in this subject.” A

“I have to be honest. I know Pearl well. And so will anyone who reads this book for it is as honest and open as its author. It is an utterly candid account of a difficult subject, written with love for her brother and her family but confronting squarely the challenges of becoming a donor. Wise, practical and respectful of the reader's concerns it will be of real value to others in a similar situation. At times witty, at times serious, it is constantly thoughtful. Pearl's book is a valuable addition to the literature on this topic and she is to be admired for having the courage to write it.” Joyce

There’s also been one rather negative review which you can read my response to here.

This material contains the opinions and memories of the author and does not purport to be accurate medically or factually. (c) Pearl Howie

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