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Po Lin Temple and The Big Buddha, Hong Kong

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Po Lin Temple and The Big Buddha, Hong Kong

How can I possibly not recommend this?  It’s a fantastic day trip, but there are so many in Hong Kong - and my favourite was the pink dolphins!

The good news is that after you get off the Dolphinwatch boat you can jump straight on to the Ngong Ping cable car which takes you to the Big Buddha in about 25 minutes - and the views are impressive even on a rainy cloudy day!

Ngong Ping - the “village” at the other end of the cable car is incredibly touristy and tacky - but as soon as you get to the Big Buddha or the monastery it all becomes a lot calmer and more spiritual.  And any souvenirs you buy in the monastery will directly benefit them, rather than say... Starbucks in Ngong Ping!

It was raining so hard that I was almost the only person to brave the walk up the steps to the Buddha - a wonderful experience.  Then I met up with Mandy at the monastery for some really good vegetarian food (toilets are a bit rustic though!)

After visiting the Chi Li Nunnery, the monastery was a bit of a disappointment, but the Big Buddha was definitely worth the trip!

Don’t get me wrong, some of these are excellent, but I couldn’t, in good conscience give them a Pearl Recommendation.  Sometimes they were just beaten to the punch, or I couldn’t decide a clear winner, other times they had a lot right, but I felt they just weren’t there.  I don’t really want to give bad reviews, but anything I felt was really best avoided you’ll find in the Jellyfish section.


The Big Buddha, Po Lin, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, and some ladies getting out of the rain

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