The Hotel - Les Suites Orient

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After a truly horrible day and a half of stomach problems and travelling, I expected to arrive in my room and collapse - instead I felt like jumping up and down on the bed and screaming “Yahoo!”  (I think I got an upgrade!)

First of all there were the three TVs - all, in true Shanghai style, switched on and blaring in Chinese, my lounge and study, with desk, sofas, and fruit I’d never before seen in my life, an espresso machine, bar, kettle... then my bedroom, my king size bed, plush dressing gown and slippers, a wardrobe with automatic lights, wide screen TV, a console by the bed with about thirty buttons, more automatic lights, and then the bathroom... Oh my!  An enormous bath tub with its own TV set into the wall, a power shower cubicle with three different shower heads and subtle lighting arrangement, countless toiletries, towels that were so big and fluffy that I kept trying to take one from the pile only to realise that the pile was just one towel!

But what made my head spin the most was the toilet - not only did it have a control panel to wash and dry my bottom, it also had a thermostat so that I could alter the temperature of the seat!

Once I’d calmed down and finally managed to switch off all of the TVs I had one more problem - there was music being piped through the bedroom and bathroom and some lights which I just couldn’t switch off.

Literally one day I was in a cave and then here I was somewhere so sci-fi I didn’t know how to switch off the lights!  A very nice man came up to switch off the music, but even he couldn’t figure out the lights.  In the end I just closed the doors to the lounge and conked out.  (For future reference the power only runs when the key card is in the slot by the door, so you can just remove this - but then the toilet seat just won’t be the right temperature!)

It’s also worth noting that the hotel air con is set quite low, so if you set the room air con at a moderate level you are actually putting the heating on - I just left it off!

Aside from the unbeatable room, more was in store for me when I managed to drag myself out of the shower (Gilchrist & Soames toiletries) and down for breakfast.  Finally I got my dim sum!  There was also a huge range of Western style goodies - bacon, pastries, fresh fruit and juice plus an omelette bar and a huge range of teas.  I ate breakfast until they kicked me out!

The lounge area was also a treat - covering two floors with a sensational view of The Bund, plus not only free beverages, freshly baked cookies, books (in English) but also three PCs for free use and a huge Mac - right on the corner with the best view. 

Once again I was finding the joy of being in a hotel right on top of the action.  Time and time again in Shanghai I just wished I’d stayed in my hotel as I really felt that I had the best of Shanghai right there!

In terms of extras, the mini-bar prices, laundry and room service were all reasonably priced, with bottles of water provided free of charge - especially in the hotel gym, which also boasts a zen platform.  I was very intrigued by this, and although it only turned out to be a wooden floor surrounded by pebbles, I can recommend it as a nice spot for a little bit of yoga.

Unlike many of the luxury hotels in Shanghai, Les Suites Orient doesn’t have anything to attract non-guests - no spas, bars (aside from the well stocked and reasonable mini-bar), restaurants or cafes.  It’s tucked away with no flashy entrance, so it really is a hotel just for guests - if you’re lucky enough to be one!

The only downside of Les Suites Orient is that it was fairly new when I visited (not even officially opened yet!) and so the concierge and desk staff were a little inexperienced and hesitant, but I came to find this really quite endearing and made me love my hotel even more!

£168 per night for my suite (breakfast included):
September 2010

From £182 per night for a 2 person suite including breakfast as at September 2011

My bathtub, TV, towel, tea and water in Les Suites Orient, Shanghai

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