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I’d already been tipped off that Dragonfly had been voted the best reflexology massage in Shanghai, so after my disappointment at The Banyan Tree and Kanjung Massage Centre (and the fact that after my experience at Kanjung I couldn’t have my back touched!) I stepped next door with my fingers crossed and ordered their 90 minute reflexology massage.

As my stomach was still bouncing around I was glad to find that their bathrooms were beautiful, but a little bit worried about whether I’d be able to stay sat in a chair for 90 minutes.

Although the treatment room was very small, the chair was huge, and extremely comfortable (I’ve had worse hotel rooms).

Within a few minutes their expert masseur had soaked my feet, relaxed my shoulders and head, and I was in danger of nodding off.  Then another lovely lady handed me a hot pad for my stomach (how did they know?)  My stomach gurgled... and finally settled down.  The massage was so good it brought tears to my eyes (in a good way!)

The only downside was when two other women came into the room (many of the massages are done in communal rooms - check when you book), and they were definitely on a shopping and chatting mission (think chatty LA women with hods of posh bags from boutiques and attitudes... in Mandarin).  They were so busy that they had opted for the express dual therapist option.  Which was great for me because within about 3 minutes they too were comatose...

Not only did the 90 minute massage leave me feeling completely relaxed and revived, it also had the therapeutic effect of calming down my stomach problems, so it is highly, highly recommended.

RMB225 (£22.50) for 90 minute reflexology massage:

Sep 2010.  For more details visit

Dagu Road, Shanghai - or what I call Spa Road - take your pick!

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