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Clearwater - The Food – Frenchy's Saltwater Café


There are about 6 different restaurants in the Frenchy's chain which has its own fishing fleet and the Saltwater Café on Poinsettia Avenue was a great laid back spot for a girl wrecked from driving all the way to Hommosassa Springs and back, to wander in, grab a spot at the bar, a beer, follow the bartender's recommendation, eat freshly caught fried grouper, divine corn on the cob and then stagger home stuffed.


Some of the restaurants are waterside so these would be perfect for a more civilised meal, but this totally hit the spot.  The downside, as for many places in Florida is that outside seating is crowded with smokers, so a spot inside was best for me.


I’d definitely explore more of these restaurants next time I'm in Clearwater.


$19 for fried grouper and corn on the cob, including beer, not including tip.


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