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Green Touch, Wimbledon


After being disappointed by the treatment rooms and treatments at Senspa in Brockenhurst, which is often touted as one of the best Thai spas in the UK it was wonderful to walk into Green Touch in Wimbledon and be greeted by the kind of exotic luxury I had been dreaming about.  Each room is exquisite, the hallway has an amusing water feature and if you are looking for romance ask about the massage suite for couples.


Using a special offer of two massages for the price of one I enjoyed a Reflexology treatment and the next week a fusion massage (Thai – Swedish).


My Reflexology treatment was exceptional, by far the best I've experienced in this country, with a hot soak of my feet, and even a wooden stick being used to add extra pressure to the balls of my feet.


That evening, when I taught my class I could actually feel my feet bending in new places – it really felt like I had a brand new pair of feet!


The fusion massage was very good, but was still too powerful for me (Senspa's had me bruised for days afterwards), and I felt a little sore the next day.  However I will say that I felt they were listening and trying to make this as pleasant as possible, and I do appreciate that they tried to adapt this massage for me, but it just wasn't suitable for my body at the time.


I had a few problems with booking, but overall a wonderful place to find Thai massage and the magic of Thailand in the UK.


(By the way this is directly opposite Al Forno - which serves the best pizza in the world - to my knowledge!)




Around £60 for two treatments for the price of one.


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As at September 2012

Green Touch, Wimbledon

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