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£75.85 booked via Thomas Cook $114 inclusive of tax: as at August 2013

Naples - The Hotel - Inn on The Fifth


Stunning.  Glorious foyer, stunning first floor (or second floor if you are American) pool and hot tub, elegant rooms, sumptuous shower room and, finally a luxurious bathrobe – hooray!


This hotel also boasted the best bed so far.


However there were a few negatives and they were the kind of thing that left me feeling that the hotel, like the town, was designed to look pretty but perhaps not really to be "played with".


The room had no guest information at all, or information on room service, so I just finished off my in-car snacks and got my head down.  Unfortunately also my green tea sachet was missing from my welcome pack, but luckily I still had a few herbal tea bags with me.


One of the lifts just seem to stand there when I pressed the button, so I headed back to the original lift I'd used.


The pool area is stunning, and I was looking forward to another early morning session before breakfast and another long drive but… it is the worst hot tub I've ever experienced.  The jets are badly placed on the edge of the pool facing directly up, but if you try to go to the edge to experience them your skin will be cut to shreds by the porous stone they've used.  Looks pretty – but is nasty.  I also found a loose nozzle when I got in there, so clearly it needs some more work.




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