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Orlando - The Food – Denny's


Usually I love IHOP but the one opposite the Hilton was disappointing in the extreme and so I stuck to Denny's after that.


One morning I got up at 6:30am and bought breakfast, second breakfast, lunch and dinner to go, stacked the fridge, went for a swim, picked up my breakfast and then headed to the outlet queue downstairs in the Hilton.  One hour of shopping later I popped back to my room for second breakfast before remembering I had Wally's master class and probably shouldn't eat at all.


The Marketplace at the Hilton is also excellent for yoghurt, granola and fruit parfaits, roast beef wraps that are two meals at least, insane ice cream flavours and freshly made pizza 24 hours a day (it was also 3 minutes from my room!)  Please note – I spent the first three days refusing to buy Starbucks from here because I thought it was $12 a pop (but that is only when you order it from room service!)


The poolside restaurant at the Hilton is also good, and their other lower level restaurant does a massive buffet breakfast for $24 but once you add on service etc. it really does pay to walk across the road to Denny's.


(Also note if the queue to be seated in Denny's is long just head to the counter and eat there – super fast service!)


Also the best coffee is to be found made by a man called Julio at the Peabody Express café.



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