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Orlando - The Shopping – Zumbawear Retail and Outlet


Some people it would appear just come for the shopping.  The queue for the outlet started 11 hours before it opened.  The queue for the retail shop started early, but as it was the day before convention maybe some people were just bored (I was at the newbie pool party!)  The truth is that you are not going to save a fortune buying at the retail store and much of the stock I had already seen on sale on the UK website, however for me this was the most important store as I managed to pick up something I desperately wanted which was unavailable in the UK (no, I'm not telling!)  And also pick up a brand new statement T-shirt "I Don't Sweat, I Glow" which I knew would make my class smile.


I spent at least five times as much in the outlet store.  Unfortunately by the time I managed to get in there many of the bargains had sold out (and many of the bargains were things I had paid full price for in the UK), but still I managed to bag cargo pants, vest tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts and stuff I'm not even sure has an official name at about a third of what they would have cost in the UK.  Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't get in there any earlier.


I have made some mistakes with sale shopping before – especially at Zumba events – it’s easy to get carried away – so try looking for items that you were lusting after before but found too expensive, styles you've worn before and colours that really suit you.  If you just put these in your bag you'll probably find you've already spent four times as much as you planned!  Also a big stern finger wagging to Zumba Fitness for not putting a mirror in the outlet store – really?  The upside of this was spending a fun time shopping using other Zumba Instructors as my mirror – rather than checking out your own reflection let someone else tell you "it gives you a bum at least", or "you can do better"... just make sure you return the favour!  Refreshing.


My haul from the convention shops (plus some free goodies!)

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