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Pearl at Zumba Convention

Cost for four days of trainings, seminars and parties, including the fitness concert, live concert with Sean Paul, fashion show, ZIN Soiree (theme party) $460 (approx £310).


Did not include pre-event classes pool party (free) or after party (around $15).


Orlando - The Sight – Zumba Convention


It is unbelievably awesome.  I know, I love Zumba, but I've been to a London Conference, ZIN Day, Party In Pink, various Zumbathons, danced several times in Trafalgar Square but nothing, nothing prepared me for the hum dinger that is convention.  (Even if you hate Zumba, please, please go find your convention of choice, because Americans do celebrating the thing you love with like minded people like no one else.)


If you like Zumba it's worth becoming an instructor just to do this.


With 8,000 people it still felt surprisingly intimate and I feel, with the magic of Florida, I managed to bump into all the right people at the right time, and I left feeling acutely just how much I have got out of doing the thing I love, learning just how much I was getting right, what I was doing wrong and ultimately feeling just how much more I have left to give.


(I also got some cool Zwag – i.e. Zumba swag.)


After 3, 4 (which felt like 2 weeks) days the ZIN Soiree was jaw dropping.  Unlike London everyone here got the idea, and 8,000 people worked the theme.  Un… be…liveable.


The Convention is spread between the OCC, Hilton, Peabody and Rosen Centre Hotel, and so sometimes there is a lot of walking (and running) to and from sessions/your room/the shops, but one thing I learnt at the end was a cab ride from one end to the other is less than $10.  Worth thinking about.



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