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Delicious Mahi Mahi salad at The Wave Kitchen And Bar - Costa D'Este Vero Beach
Salad with Mahi Mahi - delicious

Vero Beach - The Food – The Wave Kitchen And Bar


By far the best food I ate in Florida.  My first night meal of fried beef was simply stunning.  Served with traditional accompaniments (including a mojito) it was perfect… but so big that there was no way I could finish it.  As there wasn't a fridge in my room (although they can put one in if you request) I asked them to hold onto the leftovers and I had it as my lunchtime sandwich, in Cuban bread the next day.


(Many of the couples here make the most of the large portions by ordering a starter and a main course to share – although you'd really want to order your own dessert.)


Breakfast was Cuban French Toast – very good, but I was too lazy to go into the restaurant, and although it was heavenly to eat by the pool this is best eaten really hot.


Dinner the next night was a salad with Mahi Mahi, there was a little mix up with the order, and I was a little stressed as I was heading out to see the sunset, but it all came good in the end and this was delicious with some fried plantain chips on the side.  Dessert didn't really hit the spot, as I went wild and ordered the espresso flan (even though I'm not really a flan person) and Gloria Estefan's home made limoncello.  As far as limoncello goes I am spoiled, having drunk Italy's finest in Venice, so I hope they won't take it as too much of an insult when I say it was a little rough.


I really could have stayed here for longer just to eat more meals and my last, ordered to my room so I could enjoy my beach side view was a traditional Cuban sandwich.  Excellent sandwich and just big enough for me to take the other half all the way to the check-in queue in Orlando.  The kind of sandwich that you are sad to finish eating.













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