Bobbi Brown Make Over

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I always like the idea of having a make over, until the lady at the cosmetics counter, (or a friend who is great at doing their own make up) finishes with me, I turn and look in the mirror and realise I look like a Russian prostitute (not that I have anything against them of course).

But whenever I’m watching “How To Look Good Naked” I find myself wondering how I would look if a professional make up artist got their hands on me.  So I finally agreed to go with my friend Ellie to have a free make over at the Bobbi Brown counter in House of Fraser.  I loved the gentle pampering and was delighted to see that I looked more fresh faced than I did with no make up at all, and she’d done something with blusher that made my cheekbones and jaw line look incredible.

As well as actually making us look sophisticated and not like working girls, the Bobbi Brown Make Over has several very important factors going for it:

1. Most of them are free!

2. There is no hard sell - in fact this is the softest sell I’ve encountered since Molton Brown used to do make up, but they will give you a written list of all the products they’ve used on you.

3. Make overs are available at many department stores around the country, so you don’t have to be in London!

Although my final look was not a million miles away from my own make up attempts (when I bother) I was really impressed with the overall effect - it was like she had just done what I normally do but, well, professionally.

The nice thing was that I left feeling that I actually did know what I was doing with my make up - should probably make a bit more time to actually put it on - and wishing I had bought that blusher because it looked so good (and I always thought I never needed blusher because of my rosy cheeks!)


Ellie getting touched up in Bobbi Brown

Free but booking usually required

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