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Acquapura Thalasso and Spa Centre

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The Acquapura Thalasso and Spa Centre is part of the Falkensteiner Borik resort at Punta Skala - just a short taxi ride from Zadar centre, and next door to Hotel Adriana.  I was told it is only for guests of Hotel Adriana and Club Funimation, but you could always try and book a treatment - they’re so helpful that they might make an exception!

The spa is mixed, with most people opting to keep their swimwear on, except for in the sauna and steam room which is an “unclothed area”, so you do have to get naked in front of the opposite sex.  Which, in this environment, feels perfectly natural.

Even without treatments (we were too late to book) there is a lot to explore in this huge spa.  We waded through the cold water canal, and relaxed in the outside jacuzzi, before enjoying the steam room.  Then I moved on to the shower area, with about six different kinds of showers and plenty of ice crystals. I think some showers even had sea water (thalassotherapy).  My favourite was one with six shower heads for a fantastic back massage.

There are also some Kneipp dipping pools, two vast relaxation areas, waterbeds and a wonderful, gently heated indoor/outdoor pool which, although popular with very small children in the day, is empty at 7pm.

The spa is dotted with smaller muslin screened lounges, where you can relax and enjoy your herbal tea, and it would be quite easy to stay here all day - which you are most welcome to do.


Entry into the spa is free for guests of the hotels.  Treatments are extra - you can download a price list here:

Outdoor pool, Falkensteiner Borik complex, Zadar, Croatia

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