Beijing Spa And Hotel Break

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Bite into delicious Dao Sar Pau (red bean paste buns) fresh from the steamer.

Go back to the time of red lanterns and experience the historic chi of a hutong hotel.

Dance with the locals in the Temple of Heaven Park.

Stand in wonder at the scale of
The Forbidden City.

Glide across a pool overlooking skyscrapers, then refresh yourself underneath invigorating waterfall showers.


The Forbidden City from outside the moat, Beijing, China

Approximately £690 for a return flight from London to Beijing (approx. £500), 3 nights (2 sharing) in Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel (approx. £108 each) and 60 minute massage at Tian Spa (approx. £80): March 2011

My trip with international flight, plus domestic flight from Huangshan to Beijing, 4 nights single occupation and extravagant spa-ing was £1,144.22 (approximately!) in September 2010

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