The Hotel - Traders Hotel (previously Hotel Jen)

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The big test for this hotel was getting us a cab home in the torrential rain.  Sadly it failed, but nobody’s perfect.

Where it did score very highly was the bed - seriously I couldn’t help thinking as I lay down that this might be the most comfortable bed I’d ever lain on and desperately hoping that the rest of the beds in China would be as good (they were!)

Room service was also excellent - some of the best, if not the best food we ate in Hong Kong, and on the cheap side too (as were the mini bar prices.)

The bathroom was a little bit old and for some reason the hot and cold were the wrong way round, but the shower was good, there was a washing line (which we desperately needed!) and all the nice little touches were there - good quality toiletries (even conditioner), cotton buds, comb, as well as a fully loaded tea tray.

This was one of the nice things about China and Hong Kong, they understand the importance of tea, and, even better, they included a big Pot Noodle, just in case we got hungry.

We even had a pool and a gym on the roof - although I didn’t actually use it.

Breakfast wasn’t included so I only had it once and it was very good quality (I even popped a couple of Babybels into my pocket to eat on the dolphin boat.)  But they go a little crazy with the sweet in some of the sweet pastries - one mouthful and I had a sugar rush!

The biggest downside of this hotel was that the reception staff did not seem extremely together on their advice - for example the best way to get to Shenzhen, or how long it might take - but they were very sweet and helpful with things like extra towels, maps and so on.

The doormen were excellent at getting cabs and, even more importantly, checking the drives knew exactly where we were going (as most don’t speak English) - I was very surprised when I got a taxi at The Mandarin Oriental and the doorman just put me in, without asking where I was going.  Luckily I had a very good cab driver with great English, so I got home safe and sound, but it’s interesting to note that in some ways our hotel was doing things better than the luxury hotels.  (They also have a free hourly bus service to the Star Ferry terminal.) 

It was quiet and I had such a good night’s sleep that I didn’t have jet lag at all - although it was very hard to get out of these beds - so comfy!

And once we’d figured out the trams we realised we were only one street away from the tram stop - so it was very well located.

All in all a wonderful hotel; perhaps not the best taxi service or tourist information, but the comfiest bed, a good hot shower, helpful inclusion in the bathroom of anything you may have forgotten and tasty, hot food when you need it - even late at night!


Approx. £66 per night (£33 each) which was HK$720 plus HK$72 service charge for a twin room, and two complimentary bottles of water a night, not including breakfast.  Transport from the airport was
HK$110 each (approx. £9.20).

Dinner was HK$204.60 plus HK$35 service charge for some very big meals (approx. £10 each)

Breakfast buffet HK$151.80 (approx. £12.65)
September 2010

Traders Hotel website

Mandy relaxing on the window seat at Traders Hotel, Hong Kong

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