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Light Vegetarian

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See also my tips on Food in China Spa Princess.

Light Vegetarian at 13 Jordan Road, Kowloon is my top pick for Hong Kong, for two reasons... the vegetarian Peking Duck, and the sweet buns.  I’m sure you can imagine the Peking Duck; wrapped in pancakes with cucumber and plum sauce, the tofu was so well flavoured and cooked that you could easily mistake it for duck and it was at least a tenth of the price of the duck I had in Beijing.  The sweet buns were some of the lightest dim sum buns I’ve ever tasted, with a filling that was like a warm, melted vanilla ice cream; just addictive.  It was also a relief to be in a vegetarian restaurant, to know that we wouldn’t be accidentally eating anything that would turn out to be something unpleasant.  All of the dishes here were around the £1-3 mark, apart from one meatball dish which turned out to cost about the same as the rest of our meal put together! 

But some of the best food and cheapest food we had was in our hotel room at Traders Hotel - so don’t be afraid to make it easy on yourself and order room service.

There are some great bakeries, and the pork buns were very tasty wherever we went. 

We were still a little daunted in Hong Kong and hanging on to our guide books, but managed to find a cute little place on Lamma Island called Green Cottage, 26 G/F Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, as you walk towards the beach. 

I also enjoyed the vegetarian food at the Po Lin Monastery, even though it was a little bland it was very nourishing and hot - great after you’ve been soaked several times!

Also, although we only had the cheesecake, The Peak Lookout on The Peak is definitely worth a try, even if you just stop in for a cocktail at the bar as we did!


Vegetarian Peking Duck, Light Vegetarian, Hong Kong

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