Pearl's Purple Pashminas

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I have never bought a pashmina but somehow I have four purple pashminas - clearly it is just something that people feel that I need.

My favourite is the one from my Frankfurt friend Mel, which she bought for me in Petticoat Lane market (3 for £10.)

It's been my posh evening wrap to her wedding,

my towel on beaches,

my yoga mat,

my blanket in Frankfurt airport when I was delayed for 5 hours (BA),

my pillow or my blanket on planes and ferries when I've wanted to catch a nap,

my shawl at work when its been snowing or they've turned the air con up to high, and

it's been a cushion for my back at work, on planes and pretty much everywhere.

In fact I really wouldn't leave home without it (even though it is getting a bit old now!

P.S. Sadly I lost it on my flight to China.  Bought a new one... and lost that on the way back.  Long haul can make you dopey!


My pashmina on duty in Morocco  - when I was dressed as a cat nap!