Naked Energy Bars

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Don’t leave home without them.  These really are one of my best travel tips, especially if like me you can get a little testy if your blood sugar is low.

They’re made of all lovely natural things, have about 10% protein to keep you going and also give you one of your five portions of fruit and veg a day as they have so many healthy things in them.

I also swear by them as a way to keep me going day to day - the banana ones in particularly are great after a Zumba ® Fitness class to keep those potassium levels up.

I took a huge stash of them with me to China and they were vital when I was on top of Huangshan.  We also broke into a couple of them on our Paris trip when it just wasn’t convenient to pop to a cafe.  Oh and Croatia, and Morocco, and just heading around London, perfect for when you need a bit of nutrition just to get you to lunch or dinner (or breakfast)!

They do a great range of flavours - for a little snack the banana or the chocolate orange flavours rock, but for a hearty one the cocoa loco is stonking - made with real cocoa.  I tend to get mine from Holland & Barratt but they are now showing up in many other health food shops, Boots and supermarkets.


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