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Chi Li Nunnery, Hong Kong

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Chi Li Nunnery, Hong Kong

This was one of my favourite places in Hong Kong - but I commit to only recommending one sight - and that has to be the pink dolphins

The nunnery is a recreation of an ancient building rather than the original, but it has a wonderful calm vibe.  It was almost empty when we visited on a wet Saturday morning, and the serenity and gentleness of it moved me to tears.

There’s also a very nice gift shop downstairs where you pick up beautiful (but fairly expensive) chopsticks etc.

For more info visit Tripadvisor’s review of the Nunnery (includes directions.)

Don’t get me wrong, some of these are excellent, but I couldn’t, in good conscience give them a Pearl Recommendation.  Sometimes they were just beaten to the punch, or I couldn’t decide a clear winner, other times they had a lot right, but I felt they just weren’t there.  I don’t really want to give bad reviews, but anything I felt was really best avoided you’ll find in the Jellyfish section.


The Chi Li Nunnery, Hong Kong

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