The Sight -
Pink Dolphins

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I started to fall in love with Hong Kong on the Dolphinwatch boat.  The sun came out, we sailed past beautiful islands, and then we slowed... and waited... and finally the dolphins came out to play. 

They jumped, they backflipped, they seemed to smile and welcome us, and I felt truly privileged and honoured.

The pick up from The Kowloon Hotel was very well organised, with the Dolphinwatch team taking the journey to educate us on the issues affecting the dolphins who are unique to this area and sadly one of the most endangered species in the world. 

The boat was gorgeous, with wood so highly polished it looked wet!  They also treated us to some morning refreshments - tea, coffee and jammie dodgers - who could ask for anything more?  The only thing I would say is that the way we got on to the boat would be difficult for anyone less mobile, so do get in touch with them directly if you have any accessibility needs.

Also make sure that you stick to the Dolphinwatch boats.  They are deeply passionate and highly respectful of the dolphins; it was amazing to hear our tour group keeping absolutely silent when the dolphins appeared - as advised, and magical to feel so welcomed by the dolphins themselves.  For more information check out the very informative Dolphinwatch website.

Choosing just one sight in Hong Kong was the hardest so far - there are so many amazing things here.  A very close second was the Chi Li Nunnery, which also has the most wonderful vibe.


HK$360 (approx. £30) including 9am pick up from the Kowloon Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, coach to Lantau (half an hour) and then 2.5-3 hours on the boat, then return to Tsim Sha Tsui or Central (or Ngong Ping cable car station):
as at September 2010

For booking:

Official photographer on the Hong Kong Dolphinwatch boat

A close up experience of pink dolphins on the Dolphinwatch boat, Hong Kong

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