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As I’d been experiencing some stomach problems and I’d been thoroughly spoiled by my fabulous bathroom at Les Suites Orient I was in no mood to go slumming it.  So I made my essential stops in only the best bathrooms of the city, namely those in the luxury hotels.

It’s not as if I snuck into them - but I did frequent their bars and cafes, not to mention the restaurants and hair salons and made the most of the facilities.

The absolute best was the Puli Hotel, every bit as good as my sci-fi toilet back at my hotel, and the staff here were wonderfully friendly and informative, and the coffee excellent.  The downside - the location sucks.  I went all the way over there, had a quick look at the temple around the corner (which isn’t a patch on the temples of Hong Kong) and then got a cab back to my hotel.

Also excellent are the toilets in The Peninsula Hotel - very elegant and colonial.

If you want a really old school luxury loo then the Langham, Yangtze Boutique near the People’s Square is one to visit (although you may want to visit the Ciao coffee shop to justify your usage!)  They also have cotton buds in the loo - like staying there - okay yes I took some - it was one thing missing from my hotel!

The only toilets I don’t recommend you use (unless you are a guest) are those at Les Suites Orient - as this is a hotel for guests only!


My toilet control panel at Les Suites Orient, Shanghai - buttons include Front Cleansing, Rear Cleansing, Dryer, Oscillating and of course buttons to raise or lower the temperature of the seat itself

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