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Before you complain too much about the toilets in China and Hong Kong, think about how many times you actually use a public toilet in the UK.

Likewise any real “public” toilets are to be avoided (particularly the ones at the Star Ferry terminal - sit down but you wouldn’t want to!)  For a more appealing toilet experience the easiest option in Hong Kong is a shopping centre.  Hong Kong has so many of these, and all have generally decent toilets.

For an even better experience you can pop into some of the more upmarket hotels.  As The Peninsular doubles as a shopping centre it’s fairly easy to pop in here, and The Kowloon Hotel right behind it (where I was picked up for the Dolphinwatch trip) has a little coffee shop where you can stop for a water, coffee, internet surf and, of course, a visit to the toilets!  If you decide to hang out at The M Bar in the Mandarin Oriental you will appreciate some of the most sumptuous loos in Hong Kong!

Once again remember that often toilet roll is kept in one big roll in the wash area, so grab some before you go in!  Also worth a mention are the loos in The Cultural Centre near the Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsiu.  You can also have a potter round the exhibits on the way!

When you head out to the islands you have to be a little more strategic.  The Po Lin Monastery is a taster of more rural loos, so make use of the Ngong Ping “Disneyland” toilets.  On Lamma Island the loos at The Green Cottage were very good, so a nice place for brunch and the essentials before you head off for a hike!

My favourite toilets though in Hong Kong (and yes, I know that’s weird!) were those on the Dolphinwatch and Aqualuna boats.  Pristine, and the Aqualuna ones were particularly pretty!


Our strange hotel toilets - reserved for either the Lobby or the Cafe users - why?

Information as at September 2010

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