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My new book "free Feeling Real Emotions Everyday" is available now, exclusively online at Lulu.  The reason it's exclusive is that it's a full colour book with many photographs, which makes it unsuitable for print on demand distribution and releasing colour books on other digital platforms is an evolving area (when I first started publishing we didn't even have eBooks!)


All of my other books should be available as eBooks on all platforms, and many of the bigger and more popular ones are available in paperback.


For the full list of titles check out my Author Spotlight on Lulu.


In addition to my annually revised and expanded guides to massage, spa treatments and healing and spa breaks and escapes I am also releasing individual area guides as short eBooks.


The Guide to Massage, Spa Treatments and Healing from Pearl Escapes 2016


The Guide to Spa Breaks and Escapes from Pearl Escapes 2016


Meditation for Angry People


Everything To Dance For


Love and The Perfect Wave


The Wee, The Wound And The Worries: My Experience Of Being A Kidney Donor


China Spa Princess - The Guide from Pearl Escapes



Everything To Dance For - my low budget independent dance film is also still available - if you can't find it online please do email me at

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