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Pearl Howie in Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico

“The time will come

when, with elation

you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror

and each will smile at the other's welcome,”

from Love After Love by Derek Walcott

Home is where the heart is.


But we all need to escape sometimes.


Hi there I'm Pearl.  Recently I went to a business event where, when asked what I did, I said "I help people escape."


90% of people said "Ooh, that's what I need."  
And then "What do you mean by escape?"


"Anything that makes you feel alive*."  I say.


It seems strange I have to define what "feeling alive" means, but it's different for everyone, and it changes too.  The key is feeling your feelings and following your heart - something we just can't do when we're numb.  What do I mean by numb?


Well for some it's too much work, too much alcohol, too much social media interaction, too much perfectionism, it's really about the dosage, it can even be too much exercise.  (This is my philosophy on the deeper reasons we feel the need to numb.)


My book "free Feeling Real Emotions Everyday" is  about waking up to the things inside myself I had numbed.  And I didn't do it with alcohol or drugs, prescription painkillers, gambling, work or even perfectionism, mainly I did it with positive thinking - looking on the bright side and shutting down anything that wasn't "keep smiling."


I finally woke up to all of the ways I was going against myself in order to be "successful".  True success, true freedom is living your own life, letting your work, relationships, home, holiday time, everything be about you and not who "everyone" tells you you are.  Real success for me is being able to say "I don't like this and I'm going to change it," and having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what it costs me, financially, physically, or who it upsets.


Some of the stuff on this website no longer reflects where I'm at, but it may be useful to you now so I'm not going to rewrite the whole thing... I'm too busy writing new books, setting up new talks, workshops, masterclasses and learning more about life and love - the big questions, which are also the small questions.  I'm understanding the paradoxes of life as taught by great spiritual masters and devoting myself to being the best student and the best teacher I can be every day.


I hope that, if it serves you, your path and my path will cross - it's so magical to connect with others, and I hope that something I have done or will do, whether it's a class, a blog post, a book or a talk; my focused energy can have a positive effect on all involved (I found that written on the inside of my shorts today).


My books are available on Amazon and also direct from me - see My Books and DVDs for how to order.


I've personally tried and tested every single one of the escapes listed on this website - I wanted to be able to recommend everything with complete integrity (which is why there's usually a note if I was ever offered anything for free).


You can also see where I'm currently exploring on Instagram or Facebook or check out my latest blog.  See my Instagram feed below...


On one of my escapes, a sweat lodge in the Mexican jungle, our guide said this "You don't choose the Temazcal (that's the sweat lodge) the Temazcal chooses you."  This made perfect sense  standing half naked in the jungle but sometimes the mystery fades when you come back to "civilisation".  But if you are feeling a call, an intuition to do something or be somewhere and you need some guidance or cheerleading, get in touch - let's see if I can help you escape.


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x Pearl


* Nothing illegal or immoral - my definition.

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