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In a recent spa industry magazine I read that only about 8% of the UK population ever go to a spa, despite the fact that it's on most people's wish list.


So many of us are looking to improve our wellbeing, get a little peace, feel more relaxed, deal with back pain and stress that it seems crazy that we're not all running straight to a spa.


But, of course, if you've never been or your last experience was a bit "not great" you might be resistant to devoting that time and energy, let alone money in search of relaxation.


When I started my website (and then put all that information into my guidebooks) it was with the hope that I could help more people find the right spa, the right treatment and the right break for them.  Along the way I've had even more incredible experiences and have no doubt that even the average spa offers something that will benefit most people.  And most of the time the spas with the bigger price tags are well worth it too.


I wanted to give really detailed reviews that didn't gloss over the weak points of some of the places, but let you know what to expect, like a restaurant or film review.  I've recommended some places that have five star facilities and two star massages (for when you want to enjoy the facilities) and also those with two star facilities and five star massages (for when the massage is the thing), places for a group hang out and places that you really need to visit solo.  Places that throw in refreshments, fruit and herbal tea (along with the towels) and places that charge you for every extra drink, towel or minute in the spa.


I am also passionate about the spas that offer you an insight into the local culture when you're travelling, even if it is just a rooftop terrace in a New York gym, as I find they're one of the best ways of getting under the skin of a place, so to speak.  Luckily I also live in London where it is sometimes easier to find traditional massages than on my travels!


Whatever you have dreamt of I hope you find it here - and if not let me know....








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