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Grief is defined as the difficulty we have with accepting change or the idea of change.  This means we can be suffering from grief when we lose our jobs, or fear losing them, when someone we love is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, or even when a good friend moves away.


There are two kinds of treatments I would recommend for grief, some are just to get you through the day, to build you up and also to help you feel positive again - these are listed in Heartbroken Escapes.


The other type of escapes are the ones which can help you when you feel stuck in a stage of grief - these are the ones that can help you to let go of pain stored in your body and release.  These may well have the effect of releasing a few tears so make sure you are ready before stepping into these.


If you are having a massage anywhere I would go for one which includes massage of the stomach as this is where we hold a lot of emotion.

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