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The problem with escapes for migraine sufferers is that even though stress can be a major cause of migraines, the relief of that stress can also serve as a trigger for migraine attacks.  I personally never go on holiday or to a spa without bringing my Migraleve just in case.


Finding ways to escape; to rest and relax can help to reduce migraines, but it's important to take care to avoid certain common triggers; radical changes to sleep patterns, dehydration, low blood sugar, as well as suddenly reducing caffeine intake.  (These are some of my triggers.)


If you’re prone to migraines or even serious headaches you have to tread carefully with spa treatments as most will have some detox effects which can lead to dehydration.


Whatever you do, make sure you stay hydrated (don’t be afraid to take a sports drink or solay into the spa with you) and nourished.  Pack some energy bars, just in case, and plan your meals carefully.  You don't want to be having a massage on top of a heavy meal, but if you're sweating in the sauna it's important to replenish those salts!


If light is a trigger for you avoid facilities with light effects and you can also take in an eye mask to wear during your treatment or in a relaxation space.


If you've found in the past that your migraines are triggered when you stop suddenly make sure you take it slowly and build up your spa-going.  If in doubt you can always ask a spa if they would let you have a 15 minute treatment.


The absolute maximum body massage time offered by many world class spas is 2 hours.  You can also mix and match other treatments, for example a foot, hand or facial treatment if you want more relaxation.  I would also recommend that you include body scrub time into body massage i.e. don’t have more than 2 hours including your body scrub.


To help reduce frequency of migraines I recommend Reflexology at Green Touch in Wimbledon (review in progress) or anywhere in China.


I also recommend a soundbath.


If you are using heat rooms make sure you stay in each for a maximum of 5 minutes (or 3 minutes to be safe) and follow with a cold treatment or a rest.



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