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Although the soft music in many spas can work on a conscious level to relax you, this type of music and other sounds can also help in a slightly different way...


There are many who believe that different types of music can work on a cellular level to heal you through the sound vibration.


There are places where you can actually have a soundbath treatment although not in any of the spas I've visited, so this is something I practice purely at home.


The gong meditation at the end of my favourite yoga DVD is very effective, this is also accompanied by the relaxing words of the teacher. I then went on to buy several CDs, my favourite of which is "Tibetan Gongs and Atmospheres".  It sounds odd and if you actually listen to it it can feel spooky, but I find that nothing works better when I am stressed to get me nodding off and feeling better.

As at November 2012

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