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Sole or Solay


Maybe not technically a treatment, sole (or solay) is a therapeutic solution of salt in water which can be used for healing and cleansing.  The reason I include it here is that, what with all the massages, steam rooms and even herbal teas I often end up detoxing and actually becoming dehydrated through drinking lots of water and losing salts.


So I’m experimenting with salt water and sole (or solay) in my daily life i.e. after exercise when I also become dehydrated and am also going to be using it more when visiting spas.


I make sole (or solay) which is a 1% solution of salt in water,

(not very salty at all), using good quality salt.  Mine is pink Himalayan crystal salt which apparently has all the minerals and trace element needed by the human body.  I also sometimes make an even saltier drink - which is a teaspoon of salt in a litre of water when I feel really dehydrated.


Although many foods are lauded for being low in salt, the reason we need to avoid so many salts is that many added salts are chemical nasties, whereas many salts naturally found in food and in nature - for example sea salt, are full of essential minerals we need.  And even the dodgy salts help us to hold onto much needed water.


Most sports drinks

and even my Jelly Belly Sports beans are full of salts (often disguised with massive amounts of sugar and sweeteners) to help with hydration.  So I’m thinking this is a great, healthier, cheaper option to help ward off dehydration, and for me, serious headaches and migraines caused by dehydration.


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