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Florida Escape

Play with dolphins in Clearwater.


Join the party at Zumba Convention in Orlando.


Visit turtles in the hospital on your way to Vero Beach.


Lay back and relax in a hammock in Key Largo.


Pass through Big Cypress and the Everglades.


I've never dreamed of Florida, like I have of China and Africa, and the only reason I went was for the Zumba Convention, so I was swept away by the magic of Southern Florida on my week long road trip after convention.  This was the best trip I've ever had; every day of the convention blew past my expectations, and when I thought it couldn't get any better it did.  I thought my "holiday" week couldn't possibly get any better, but it felt like each day there were more wonders and blissful encounters.


Yes there is so much more to Florida than the magic of Disney, but I see exactly why Walt Disney and Beto Perez chose to bring their own magic here.


More videos here.





Total trip approximately $4,534 - $4,684 or £3,016 - £3.116 for;

6 nights  $837 - (approximately £550) and Zumba Convention in Orlando $460 (approximately £310),

2 nights and the boat trip on Little Toot in Clearwater, $377 (£255)

1 night in Naples, $114 (£75.85)

2 nights and snorkelling in Key Largo, $363 (or £238)

2 nights hotel and spa in Vero Beach,$450 (£300)

foot and leg massage at Costa D'Este, $47: (£30)

one week's car hire $339 - $489 (£226 - £326) see Driving in Florida and

return flight from London Gatwick to Orlando $1,547 (£1031.47): As at August 2013



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