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The Restaurant - Zen Garden


I tried the rest, this was the best.  Although I have to give an honorable mention to La Blaireau's (also part of Careys Manor) - great service, excellent saucisson, chocolate fondant and above all the wine of the month (of which I only had a very small glass) which was recommended by the waiter and was excellent.  Sadly this type of food didn't really agree with the whole spa experience so I spent the rest of the time in the Zen Garden.


Downsides were when I cut my leg on the broken mosaic (now they really should have given me at least a dessert for that!) and when I was asked to change out of my spa robe for dinner (but they were more embarrassed than me).  It does tell you this – but on page 231 of the guest book in your room (I exaggerate) and it does it like this: "guests are welcome to stay in their robes for breakfast and lunch in the Zen Garden".  Alright, I admit it, I over-relaxed.  It could have been worse.


Anyhoo, I fell in love with their coconut rice – I could have eaten this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and pretty much did – they also gave me some tips for making it and I've succeeded in making a passable version at home.


Any dish with tofu is also worth trying here, they make it exciting without having to add three green chillies.  Their chocolate brownie is good (although not the best I've tasted) and their smoothies are unparalleled.


The chicken with ginger is also delicious, and service is always friendly, fun, if a little confused at times (I asked for no mushrooms, but kept getting them and there's a part of me that is still not convinced my last bowl of coconut rice wasn't really jasmine rice – they said it didn't taste of coconut as much because I had it with red curry which was coconut too).


Another advantage of the restaurant is that it's situated right next to the spa, so you can wander in, and have coffee, tea, a smoothie or even lunch in your spa robe.  If you're feeling even lazier you can call through to the restaurant from the phone next to the hotel pool and relax on a lounger while they prepare your smoothie (but they don't serve food by the pool).


Their espresso is also spot on – and, if you can tear yourself away from the pool loungers, served with a handmade biscuit – and a smile.


Review a sample menu from Zen Garden.

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