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Health & Safety in Florida



There are lots of them, don't forget a bug spray especially mornings and evenings on the beach.



It's very hot there, especially in August.  Get a good strong sunscreen and use it.  Also stay out of the sun in the middle of the day if you can.  You'll see many fishermen wearing long sleeved white shirts, both for the sun and the bugs – these are a good idea.  I met a woman with the most horrific looking burns on her feet, not only had she been wearing sun cream but she had also lived in Florida previously.  Be safe and drink plenty of fluids.  I managed to slightly burn my lower back twice; on the first day at Caladesi Island and also when I was snorkelling – the gap between my Factor 50 UV shirt (highly recommended) and my bikini bottoms.  If you want to lie out in the sun I recommend 7:30-8:30am and 6:30-7:30pm.



As well as the weather one of the best and worst things in Florida; watch out for sting rays (do the string ray shuffle, kicking up the sand as you go into the water), alligators, crocodiles (which are mean and DO live in the Keys), rattlesnakes (Honeymoon Island - make lots of noise and wear serious footwear), jellyfish (why not pack a small bottle of vinegar to spray on in case you are stung?) and sharks.  Double check with the locals before you get adventurous.



Be prepared for a good storm once a day in August.  You will not be allowed to use your hotel's pool when there is a storm or for half an hour after the last bolt of lightning, you should also get out of the sea apparently.  Cars have rubber tires and so should be okay but I always wonder how much water can you have running from the car to the ground before it too becomes conductive?  (Answers on a postcard.)  Aside from the whole lightning question you may find you have to pull over in storms as you just can't see anything.  Driving down the East Coast of Florida I went through four major storms which turned a 3 hour drive into 6 hours, whereas driving up the East Coast I was lucky to go scot free.  In the Keys storms often only last twenty minutes as they blow through.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and try to plan your day (and driving) accordingly.




Florida has a slightly lower crime rate than the US average and Miami has a slightly lower crime rate than New York or Los Angeles, however it makes sense to keep your wits about you, use the hotel safe and just take out items that you can "afford" to lose, remember to lock doors and windows and be sensible when drinking alcohol (even though you are on holiday!)



Alligators will bite

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