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Orlando - Other Tips For Surviving Convention


There are lots of small tips so I'll try to put these in order of priority, but it does really come down to what your priorities are.  Clearly for some people shopping or partying are top of the list – but my agenda was to make the absolute most of trainings, the chance to talk to people in person and make new friends, look fabulous at the party (and not sweaty for a change), shop and just soak it all up, in that order.


Don't drink alcohol.  It's such a heady mix but unless you have a cast iron constitution or are prepared to sleep through morning activities (hot tubbing/breakfast/shopping/seminars) I would steer clear until the last night or even the next day (I was too scared of getting completely hammered at the after party on one gin and tonic!)


Cut out coffee and other caffeine beforehand.  This is my best tip to avoid jetlag – the four days before I left I cut out coffee and felt like I was having jetlag then.  When I arrived I was waking up early, but I put this down to excitement after four days, and was sleeping like a baby when my head hit the pillow whether it was 9pm or 2am.  By the end of convention I needed two strong cups of Denny's to start the day, but it was great not to be caffeine dependent and I may well cut out coffee on a regular basis.


Eat well.  Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper is a great mantra and in America breakfast really is king!  The one time I skipped my power breakfast I ended up having to inhale energy bars during class – not good.


Hydrate – and don't forget electrolytes.  Remember that water rich food is part of this and try to add in a main course salad or fruit rich dessert at least once a day – Denny's does some substantial chicken salads with dressing on the side.


Map out your classes as soon as possible – this way you can plan meals, popping to ZIN services and of course, when and how to hit the shops.  Next year I will be queuing at the outlet after my second session so I at least have a hope of getting in there on my first day!  If you can find the time early on it makes sense to have a walk around and really figure out where everything is (and where the loos/water fountains/coffee is).  Remember there will be pop up catering also, so keep your eyes open for new things every day.


Hit the hot tub and pool whenever you can – this really will help to keep you relaxed.


Don't forget you will need plenty of anti-oxidants as you're exercising so much.  Green and white tea are excellent for this, but if you drink before class you will burn more calories.  Blueberries and many other types of fruit also contain antioxidants.  I personally also love sparkling water after my workout (because I get sick of drinking just plain water!)  Stick a lime in it and pretend it's a pricey cocktail!


Hilton pool - essential for loosening up every morning before the next session

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