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Iceland - The Shopping


This is a shopping paradise for me as the few things Iceland produces are right up my street.  Spa products from the Blue Lagoon are the tip of the iceberg as, although you won't find many plums growing up here, many local mosses and other flora are used to create natural beauty products.  You'll also find many of these available to buy on the plane if you're so busy doing activities that you don't get time to shop.


As you might expect Iceland is also a great place to pick up woollens, although even the local spa products and wares are not that cheap.


In Reykjavik there is a lot of choice, especially on Laugavegur, the main shopping street, but don't expect major brands to be cheaper here, or even the popular 66 degrees North brand (sported by the masseurs at the Blue Lagoon).


I did get some bargain cashmere socks at the big tourist shop near Geyser (yes, the original geyser), but even these on top of my other socks weren't nearly warm enough.


Smoked salmon is a great product to pick up, as are anything dairy (see food and drink!) although for my family of course sweets with Icelandic names (especially the ones that sound a bit rude) are a favourite.


Jams and jellies made with the local berries are also popular and surprisingly tasty.




Laugavegur shopping street, Reykjavik

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