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Total cost: Approximately $2,844 or £1,900

Convention $460 - approximately £310

Six nights at Hilton Orlando, convention rate was $837 - approximately £550 as at August 2013


Flight £1,031.47 return from London Gatwick: As at August 2013

Orlando Escape


Apologies to Orlando – I arrived, went straight to my hotel and the Convention Centre, spent the next six nights there and then picked up a car and high tailed it out of there, so have absolutely no knowledge of the surrounding area.  If you are planning to do anything other than Zumba Convention (or any other convention at the Orlando Convention Centre) I seriously recommend you buy another guide.


The thing I loved most about Orlando (although I don't know if it is a very local thing) is the expression "I got ya."  Every time I stressed that the waitress would forget my second plate of breakfast or that I had my pass on the table when I popped out to the loo during ProSkills this was the response.  "I got ya."  (You have to say it in a Southern American accent.)  So reassuring and so kind – how I hope the rest of Orlando is when I finally visit it.


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