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Another World isn’t really a day spa, let me make that clear from the beginning.  It’s a relatively new concept in this country, but it’s evolved from a tanning salon to become a beauty and tanning centre with a fabulous cafe / relaxation area.


I popped in here as they have a sign that claims they do the best coffee in Wimbledon... and they do.  I highly recommend the Gingerbread Pudding Latte - spicy and not too sweet.  Their cookies are also fantastic.


After a mix up with a quiche they very sweetly offered me a free pedicure - how could I say no?


They are still in the middle of refurbishment, which means that the toilet, for example, is clean but a little bit dated, and some of the towels are a bit threadbare, but I would still recommend Another World - and not just for the coffee.  But it’s a good place to start... if you have time to kill before your treatment you can sit and enjoy your drink with a magazine and some soft jazz and candles, and even kids love the pebble floors and softly lit reception desk.  Then you can always take your coffee (and optional cookie) with you to your pedicure.


Although I had no problem going up the stairs to my treatment room at the top of the building, I can see that some people might find this tricky.


The treatment rooms are small but light, with gentle, relaxing music and the beauty products and massage beds are excellent.


My pedicure started with a nail shaping, dry foot filing, before moving on to a relaxing foot exfoliation and bath.  (Oh yes, she also did all the usual cuticle maintenance which was a tiny bit tough on my tootsies, but I do have very sensitive feet so this is always true for me.)  Then my feet were painted with paraffin wax, wrapped in film and left to soften.


Although unfortunately this didn’t remove all of the yellow hard skin on my feet, it did remove all of my dry skin and left my feet feeling soft and looking sexy (well according to the lady at reception!)


The most wonderful part of this pedicure is the sublime foot and lower leg massage, before the nail varnish, which had me practically snoring on the lovely reclining massage bed.  I’d have gone for that alone, and, despite my later comments about the nail varnish, it was quite nice to have that done just to lie there for a bit longer.


The problem of course came after the varnish was applied.  Although my excellent therapist did offer to let me stay and relax after the treatment, I was a bit afraid I’d fall asleep!  She then kindly gave me some disposable flip flops to put on before I put my own on - but getting down the windy staircases on these was a bit of a challenge, as they are ever so slippy.


I would recommend that you either bring your own flip flops, or just go for the luxury pedicure without the polish, then put your shoes back on, and do the polish yourself at home - then you can let it dry for the requisite 3 hours without smudging!


(I’d also recommend that, when asked if you’d like your paraffin wax on the bed or in the chair, go for the bed - I would have, but I was still eating my cookie!)


All in all the luxury pedicure here is not just great value, but is also my top pedicure!  And as that includes The Banyan Tree in Shanghai (sorry still working on my reviews for China) I think that’s pretty impressive!  And great for me as it’s just around the corner!



Luxury pedicure with polish (75 minutes) £40

Luxury pedicure without polish (60 minutes) £30


Open 7 days a week.


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As at November 2010

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