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Key Largo Escape

(£238 or $363)

Two nights at Coconut Palm Inn £209.31 or $322 including tax

Snorkelling trip approximately £28 or $41: As at August 2013

Sad to say I didn't make it to the one spot where the movie "Key Largo" was filmed, or even visit the boat "The African Queen" although I was at the same marina twice – it is sometimes just too hot (or I was too queasy to get that far).  I was also staying slightly south of official Key Largo in Tavernier (pronounced Tavern-eer).  It doesn't really make much difference as there is just one road here and one direction – the mile marker, followed by the side of the road – Oceanside is Atlantic Ocean.  You've got to love it.


I decided to stay in Key Largo / Tavernier because of the hotel, and also because I didn't want to commit to driving all the way to Key West.  Once I arrived in Key Largo I was more than happy to restrict my driving to a few miles north or south for dinner and snorkelling trips and forgo Key West this time, but I can also see the appeal as compared to Key Largo.


Key West is one of the few islands, (or Keys or Cays) that is large enough to have a traditional town layout and popular roads that give the feeling of a town centre or heart.


Many of the Keys are simply a road with businesses located on either side, it's like there's no there there (like they say of LA) but there is plenty of heart; you just have to get used to the fact that's it on either side of a major road.  Having said that I would recommend staying in a hotel that is large enough to hang out outside as otherwise this "roadside" living could feel restrictive.  If not, get thee to a marina where there is plenty of life and mellowness to share.


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