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The Glorious Spa Company, Chichester


Sometimes you need to find an escape that can fit into your very busy life, and when your busy life is based around the visiting hours to St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester (or heading to the Witterings beaches, or just doing some retail therapy in Chichester) this day spa in the middle of Chichester is perfect.


Before I’d even had my massage I was enjoying the oh so cute design of The Glorious Spa Company.  I was a little put off by the smell of nail varnish in the reception area/pedicure/manicure area - but a huge advantage of this spa is that you can have a very sociable treatment with friends as there are several space for manicures and pedicures.  They also have a policy that allows children and teenagers to join in, with either mini manicures or facials designed for teenage skin (very important to me as a doting auntie).


The only other problem with this spa is that it is always so busy, so I found it hard to book.  Luckily they had a half hour slot for a back and shoulder massage just before St Richard’s was open for visitors, so I grabbed it.


What can I say?  It was everything I hoped for, friendly receptionists who offered me chocolates on arrival (not a standard service I’m afraid) and a wonderful therapist who listened to my needs and delivered an absolutely super massage that did wonders for my back in just half an hour.


Although the stairs and steps in this spa can be a bit annoying (it is an old building), the treatment room I was in was spacious, with a cute quote lovingly painted on the wall, there were aromatherapeutic smells and the choice of music was extremely relaxing.  The only negatives in the room were the rather large ticking clock but I managed to tune this out rather quickly as soon as Harriet started working her magic.


The night before my massage I was waking up with my back muscles in spasm, despite being on prescription doses of Naproxen, having taken a week off from teaching and lying on a hot water bottle.  The night after I slept like a baby, and, after such success, woke up and booked a day long spa break at Bailiffscourt (also highly recommended).


As with most spas I was left alone to get naked and under the towel before my therapist came back to get to work on my back.


At times the pressure verged on the painful, but I could actually feel as though Harriet was pushing the pain out and away and I can’t believe the improvement in just half an hour.


I also liked that I was left to get ready and come down in my own time (no rush for this room as they have several) and then given water at reception.


The spa also has many great offers, especially the introduce a friend for 50% offer (which means you get 50% off your next massage!) so it’s definitely worth checking out their website or calling for more details.  Book early and also ask about discounts for NHS staff.


I was a bit disappointed that they seem to have stopped doing the lava shell massage as I am a fan, but would go back for the back, neck and shoulder massage tomorrow or any other treatment. Top of my list is the Wellness Pedicure - which I can’t wait to try next time!


With all the super cuteness I love that there is no pretension here, just great fun spa time, perfect if you’re a 13 year old girl or, well, me.

The Glorious Spa Company, Chichester

I paid £25 for a 25 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage.


29 South Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1EL


01243 790 917




Opening Times:

Mon/Tue/Wed 10am to 6pm

Thur/Fri 10am to 8pm

Sat 9am to 6pm

Sun 10am to 5pm


As at August 2012

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