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Key Largo Conch House

Key Largo - The Food –
Key Largo Conch House


I just felt that Florida really wasn't living up to my expectations food wise.  I had some very nice dinners, but on my second night decided to go for sushi in the hope of getting some amazing fresh fish, however, as it was August much of the fish was still imported.  The presentation at Kaiyo was beautiful, but coming from London with some of the best sushi restaurants outside of Japan I wasn't impressed by the flavours.


My first night dinner at Snappers was really good, but I just felt that it wasn't hitting the spot.  The Key Lime Pie was excellent and never forget you can order take out dessert if you are too full (makes an excellent afternoon tea the next day if you have a fridge) but at heart I am a cheesecake girl.


Finally I went back to the guidebook and stopped for breakfast at the Key Largo Conch House.  Stunning breakfast and so I ordered their famous Conch Fritters to go.  This is a great stop – although it looks a little dodgy from outside it's small, cosy and bustling and it's almost worth it for the stunning underwater DVD playing in the corner – this is what wide screen TVs were made for!


Although the Conch Fritters (pronounced conk) were tasty it was clear I still was a bit queasy or my body just does not like conk, but I would definitely go back there to try more local specialities.








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