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Naples - The Healing – Mark the Masseur


Apparently Inn on The Fifth has an excellent spa – but it was already closed by the time I got there – but this is why you have receptionists and concierges – so you can turn to them and say "Can you get someone to come and give me a massage in my room?"


Yes it was exorbitant and yes I did have a moment when I thought… male masseur coming up to lone female hotel room… but as soon as I started describing where it hurt I knew this was as necessary (if I wanted to make it to the Keys the next day) as a midnight doctor's visit.


Pains started in my heels and went up every part of my body to my neck (seemed my toes and head were okay – but that was it!)


At $150 for an hour (plus inevitable tip – plus tip to concierge for organising) this worked out to about $200 for an hour – probably my most expensive massage ever, and there were some slightly odd aspects as Mark uses a biomat (but other therapists have used this with me before), and a magnetic box for my hands, and I was slightly worried half way through when I couldn't remembered if I had specified how long the massage was (didn't not want to wake up 4 hours later owing $800!) but Mark did an excellent job and I finished the hour with everything feeling pain-free.


As there was a storm raging and I could hardly leave the hotel, let alone use their hot tub (more on this in the hotel review) I am so glad I had this massage as I was able to sleep and wake up the next morning ready to go.


However I would also say that if you have the opportunity for an hour massage anywhere else along the way try not to leave it, as I did, until the very last moment, as it invariably works out more expensive.




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